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UPHOLD enables non-profit and community based organizations working in youth and community empowerment to recreate and implement measurable programs. We focus on your mission to match the best indicators with your community outcomes. We deliver mission-driven technical assistance that aligns community assessment and logic modeling with tailored metrics and data monitoring. We use these models and metrics to support accountability for the grassroot efforts of non-profit and community based organizations. We work with your organization to improve program evaluation, impact assessment and sustainability. Our goal is to strengthen your individual efforts in order to help identify what works best and sustain positive community change collectively.


Work with us to obtain a 3M® harmonization of services for your organization:

  • Mission review and conversion to measurable goals
  • Metrics for assessing community assets/needs and program impacts
  • Monitoring of outcomes and progress online

Specific Services:

  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Assets and Needs Assessment
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Data Monitoring and Visualization
  • Economic Evaluation and Program Effectiveness
  • Capacity Building and Sustainability Support