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UPHOLD acts as a catalyst for both your organization and a collective non-profit network. We use our group expertise with a “systems of systems” approach to build upon ongoing community change efforts. We primarily do this with mission-driven metrics and collective impact. This approach allows our team to provide your organization a customized strategic logic model to inform relevant program data capture, impact assessment and dissemination. We connect you to resources that will allow you to do your best work, show the changes you intend to make in your community and continue this work for years to come. We support, create and facilitate opportunities for partnerships and AMP-lify® impact.

UPHOLD enhances non-profit networks by creating an online community to AMP-lify® (collective) Impact

  • ASSESS community context, assets and needs                              
  • MODIFY and align your program for measurable impact
  • PRODUCE mission-driven results for dissemination and intended community change

Work with us to apply our RACE® concept and move your organization from mission to measurement

  • REALISTIC reassessment of your mission, vision and community to redefine need
  • ACTIONABLE analysis of your program impact, by focusing on “what happens as a result?”
  • CHANGE the modifiable indicators of your community and show “how to” create a new reality
  • EVALUATE intended change brought to your community with easy access to outcome data